Sciagraph vs. Fil

Fil is a free, open-source memory profiler for Python. It shares some design goals with Sciagraph, but is also different in many ways.

  Fil (open source) Sciagraph ($)
Use case Offline development Production batch jobs: data processing, scientific computing
Memory profiling ✅ — all allocations ✅ — sampled
Performance profiling
Runtime overhead Up to 40-50% Negligible to ~5%
Supported platforms Linux, macOS Linux

In more detail:

  • Fil is free, unlike Sciagraph.
  • Sciagraph has performance profiling, Fil does not, it only does memory profiling.
  • Sciagraph is intended for production use, Fil is not.
  • Fil can track much smaller memory allocations because it tracks all allocations; Sciagraph uses sampling.